Light Up My Path



As my pregnant bump expands and grows into the size of a basketball practically, I’m beginning to realise and accept that for the next few months I will not see what’s beneath my feet! I can say goodbye for now to anything below my table top bump!

My first revelation of this was today as I tried to shower and shave my legs- I could barely reach my ankle! Then I dropped my shower comb and bending down to get it was, let’s say anything but elegant and an art that still needs perfecting! Think I’m going to purchase myself a litter picker- handy gadget I imagine for picking things up over the final 3 months!

As I ventured out on a brisk walk today, I soon realised that I couldn’t see what was beneath my feet- maybe I noticed this more as I came to the conclusion that I actually walk looking down as oppose to upwards more than I thought I did!

But all the same, keeping my eyes fixed forward was my only option, as watching where each step took me was no longer a choice- and made the walk pretty boring to be honest! I could feel the pavement and change in footing under my feet (you need better shoes Cheryl I hear you cry!), but I could not physically see exactly where each foot would step. I had to keep my head up and eyes focused on the road ahead- to guide my feet.

I thought of how true this is of our walk with God and how thankful I am that His word is a lamp and light for our path! Boy am I glad that He always sees where we place our feet and in fact, if we’ll listen, guides each footing we take. We just have to lift our heads up and keep our eyes focused on Him, following his light. I’m so glad that no matter how disorientating and doubtful we feel when we can’t quite see where we’re stepping out into, that He does- he sees just where you’re placing your feet and will guide you one step at a time.

There may be detours along the way- there were certainly sidesteps I had to take yesterday to avoid the deposits of local pets faeces smack bang in the middle of the pavement! Which thankfully I saw because I continued to look forward with my eyes fixed on the destination ahead- boy that could have been messy! But throughout my walk with God, when I am willing to listen, He has guided me along the right path, opened the right doors of opportunity and closed the doors to destruction, helping me to avoid obstacles that will cause me harm and wandering off down the wrong path- I believe He can do the same for you.

You may feel uncertainty, disorientation, doubt and impatience with a desperate attempt to see just what lies beneath your feet- but you can trust God to guide you- He continues to guide me and my family, he can for you too! Spend time in His word, get to know Him intimately and let His light shine the way!

I’ve said this before- I’m a planner, I’d have my whole life mapped out if I could- but trying to rush God’s timing never works out! Someone once told me, ‘Cheryl, everything happens in His beautiful and perfect timing.’ There have been times of frustration where just around the corner seems so close yet takes forever to get there- and never in the way I expected. But how thankful I am that I’m learning to finally let go and let God!

My husband and I are in a season where we have had to step out into uncertainty, and at times have felt very disorientated, impatient, confused and bewildered at why this is the path we’re on instead of the one we wanted and what’s coming next. We’ve had to take some pretty big steps forward through doors (not the ones we’d have chosen might I add!) and know there are more to come! But He’s got us this far- He’s guided us along many experiences, high’s and lows, and through doing so has given us yet another reason to trust and let Him be the light to our feet! He’s taught us to keep our eyes fixed on Him, always looking forwards and not down! We’ve noticed along the way that through only looking down at what’s immediately in front of us at the time, robs us of enjoying the blessings He’s placed right in front of us. On occasions, we have been so focused on what we couldn’t see and why- that we were missing all the blessings and gifts God had given us – gifts to enjoy and be thank full for. Instead we walked round with a negative attitude and possibly missed the signs we asked for to guide us or place us back on the right path.

A few months ago, I chatted to a very wise and lovely Christian lady related to a friend of ours. I told her about how we had just seen a house we loved, but my brother had put an offer in unaware that we had also planned to do the same. I showed my obvious disappointment- bitterness and resentment may have well been written all over my face it was that obvious! Her reaction, so lovingly and full of wisdom was; ‘This wasn’t the house God had planned for you then was it?!’- I sat back and smiled.

As it happens- we still haven’t been accepted for a mortgage, so we couldn’t have actually placed an offer. But I almost felt like God was speaking directly to me that evening- ‘Sweet child, this isn’t the house or plan I have prepared for you- I have something better than you can imagine! Just trust me, keep your eyes fixed on me and I will guide you along the right path- follow my light.’

On a family holiday in Spain over 15 years ago, I remember wearing a sun cap and walking uphill to our apartment with the family. Due to the beaming hot sun, I followed the path with my head hung down watching where my feet took their steps. On this particular path what I hadn’t observed was that all the bins were pinned a couple of feet off the ground to street posts- roughly around my height at the time. Consequently because of my constant looking down, I walked straight into one of the bins, head on and in a bit of disarray! Looking around in embarrassment to see if anyone had witnessed my disastrous accident!

I realise now that when I used to walk with my head facing down, watching every step- I would miss the scenery, the signs, people- I would bump into objects, or step into unpleasant things! (if you know what I mean!) and all I gained from the walk was a detailed memory of watching my feet take one step in front of the other, the bland, grey pavement and how I’d managed to side step obstacles along my path.

Psalm 119:105 NLT

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path

 MSG version

By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.

‘When that psalm was written, the “lamp” was a candle in a lamp people would carry around. Today, it would be a flashlight. If you hold a flashlight and you want more light down your path, you have to take the next step. Many times I’ve been stuck and looking for a light from God for my whole path. But God gives us just enough light for the next step. You take that next step, and God gives you light for the step after that.

Biblical meditation is often the key to turning on that light. You have to soak your mind in the light. When you do that, you bring light to your life.’ Pastor Rick Warren


I am learning each day to spend more time in His presence, in the light- His word. To keep my eyes focused on the one who knows the plan for my life and to trust that He has a pretty good one in mind- one where we will say ‘I never imagined we would be this blessed!’ I am trusting that it- whatever ‘it’ may be, will all happen in His perfect timing- be it when were ready or not. I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned by not always getting my own way and accepting the detours He’s put me on. I am thankful that He knows best and will close doors that will cause us harm and lead us to the wide road of destruction. God, your way not my way!

Just as we will guide our daughter along the right paths- teaching her values, right from wrong, the way and will of God- I am so thankful that we have a Father who does the same for us and more- simply because he loves us and wants us to reach our destiny.

I wonder if you will walk with your head up, eyes focused on Him? Will you let Him guide you even if it’s not the path you wanted? Will you be thankful in the midst of uncertainty and doubt? Will you choose to enjoy the blessings you have right now? Will you choose to praise God, speaking life and plans for a good future over your situation- surrendering all and trusting that God has your back?

If you’re willing He’ll guide you through open doors, He’ll shine the light just enough to show you the right path. I’m challenging myself to do this, will you?


3 thoughts on “Light Up My Path

  1. Ros Harrison says:

    Beautifully written once again, lovely lady!! Praying God continues to light your path and direct your steps….. Hoping it’ll be back up to Barrow soon!! Bless you guys, keep the blogs going, great gift you’re blessed with!


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