Timing Part One: The Wait



The wait

As my due date is imminent, 1 day to go in fact, I’m fast becoming impatient for the arrival of our daughter.

We’ve been in countless waiting rooms over the 9 months, waiting for our turn which has been a real test of patience let me tell you. How many of us sit waiting for something; perhaps  at the doctors/hospital/dentist or at a restaurant. Not long after arriving you find yourself clocking who came in after you and immediately sit up in your chair when they’re called in before you or their meal comes before yours? You pipe up, ‘I came in before them! We’ve been waiting for a table longer than they have! I’ve been here for half an hour waiting to see the doctor, they’ve only just arrived!’…sound familiar?

She’ll come when she’s ready people say. I rephrase in my head, she’ll come when God’s ready. He knows the perfect timing of this baby’s arrival. He has it all planned out.

Taking a back seat from control, it’s the only time I’ve been able to let go and let God completely do his thing! Its actually been quite liberating as there is actually nothing I can do to speed up or speed down the process (that is apart from a few old wives tales). There’s no specific date for when she arrives, a due date is usually just an approximation. So for someone so organised, the only thing that’s frustrated me the most is that there’s always the possibility she could arrive earlier- that would throw me off- but still, there is nothing I can do about it.

We shop at Aldi and anyone who knows Aldi knows that even if you go in and buy 2 items, you’re likely to end up in a long line of customers with overflowing trolleys. There’s none of this self service/fast lane malarkey- you have to wait your turn. You’d think Aldi shoppers would be the most patient people on the planet- wrong! Occasionally, when staff see the queues backing up, they’ll shout that till number 2 is open and everyone rushes over like a heard of wild animals to get first place at the till!

The other day I was doing my weekly shop at Aldi and was fortunate to have been called over to another till that was just opening. I was so thankful as I’d piled my basket way too high! My sciatica was giving me way too much jip that day and I was reluctant to say- but I was struggling and needed help. As I began to unload my shopping on the conveyor belt, I was immediately met with the cashier at my side. He had halted the queue of which I was third in, and started unloading my shopping for me ‘you shouldn’t be doing all this bending down and lifting- let me help. Can I call you a taxi after?’

Now me being independent, I was quite taken a back and a little embarrassed that someone else was unloading my shopping for me which clearly everyone in front and behind me saw- but, I was actually really thankful and his kindness warmed my heart.

He showed up just at the right time. We often hear miraculous stories of God’s timing and how He strategically places you somewhere or in front of someone at the opportune moment, or a job is provided, a pay rise, a bill is paid…the list goes on. And Carl and I have experienced God’s abundant blessings in similar ways that has shown us His faithfulness in His time. But this short illustration in Aldi shows me that God sees even the little things you need- not just the big and momentous.

Matthew 6:8 NLT

…For your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!

Carl and I have been in many seasons of waiting, and in some of those, we have been impatient, gone our own way and thought we would give God a helping hand to speed up the process rather than waiting. Let me encourage you, if you feel Gods asking you to wait- wait!

Habakkuk 2: 1

I will wait to see what he will say to me; I will wait to learn how God will answer my complaint.

There are so many lessons we’ve learned which I’ll go into another time, but had we waited patiently for things to come to pass in His timing and not our own, things would’ve worked out a little differently I’m sure, and probably with a whole lot less heartache and striving.

Don’t hear me wrong, there is a difference between being lazy, and waiting when you know God has spoken to you. If you become more in tune with God, you will know his voice and also recognise that of the enemy. The enemy who will cause you to be lazy and excuse/rationalise it away by whispering in your ear ‘well, God told me not to get a job, God told me to not get up this morning and stay in bed all day, God told me not to pay my bills.’

The other day as I was driving home I began to feel minor twinges in my tummy. My immediate reaction progressed from oh no! I think I’m going into labour! To,  aaahhhhh I think I’m going into labour, I’m finally going to meet our little girl. Within that moment, a surge of excited emotions overwhelmed me and I thought this was it! Here she comes! Well, you can stop panicking guys because she still hasn’t arrived yet! But my point is this- only just a few weeks ago, I was becoming very anxious (coupled with hormones) about becoming a Mum and feeling totally unprepared or ready- although I strongly believe we’re never ready or prepared- even when we think we are.

But If I’d have gone into labour 4 weeks ago, firstly she would’ve been considered ‘premature’ meaning there may have been complications requiring her to stay in hospital. Secondly, I would’ve been even more nervous than I am now because I’d have been caught off guard- and God made me organised, well- in some things! Lastly, I had only just finished work which would’ve meant that I wouldn’t have had the time to do all the things I wanted; like prepare the nursery and making the most of doing things I enjoy; seeing friends/family, reading, writing, swimming and being outdoors.

Yet it’s surprising- or actually not surprising when I put God in the picture, that if she were to come today, NOW, I would be excited and feel a lot more prepared than I did before. I’m not wishing away the only time Carl and I have as a married couple with no dependants, but I am now so excited for her arrival that I just feel more ready, more prepared- totally contradicting what I said earlier- although note I say ‘more prepared’ not totally!

You see God knows! And He knows when He wants this baby to enter into the world. He knows it all and He has pre-destined a perfect time for her arrival, down to the finest detail. I believe He has specifically designed you and your blessings, including their perfect timing- wait.

Psalm 139:3-16 (NCV)

God Knows Everything

 Lord, you have examined me, and know all about me.

Lord, even before I say a word, you already know it….

Your knowledge is amazing to me; it is more than I can understand…

You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother’s body.

I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well.

You saw my bones being formed as I took shape in my mother’s body, When I was put together there, you saw my body as it was formed. All the days planned for me

were written in your book before I was one-day old.

Habakkuk 2:3

It is not yet time for the message to come true, but that time is coming soon; the message will come true. It may seem like a long time, but be patient and wait for it, because it will surely come; it will not be delayed.


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