Timing Part Two: Bad Timing


Bad Timing

There is the other flip side of course, when we cry out to God and question why now, why us? Then God’s timing seems so imperfect and so NOT the right time. What were you thinking God?! Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one? I certainly cried out to God and questioned His timing when we lost our sweet baby Hope. When Carl was made redundant and then again for a second time (although he ended up keeping his job which is a blog for another time) we questioned WHY? When we were newly married and living in London, why us? why now? When we were turned down for a mortgage, Now? Really God? When we’ve got a baby on the way?!

I could write for ages about this topic but let me encourage you sweet brothers and sisters, no matter what pain you’re going through right now, no matter what circumstances you’re facing or how confused you feel- Gods timing may seem all over the place and you may find yourself crying out to him, why God? Why now? Why us? When? How? And I don’t know why, when or how.  But what I do know is that through time, I believe He will work things out for your good- you’ll see.  It may not be what you want to hear right now, and boy did it frustrate me when people who genuinely cared, repeated those same words to me. But I can write this now having come through many a trial on the other side and say that I still don’t understand why they happened; why us, why then- but I know God was working everything out for our good, even when we felt impatient, wanted a quick fix or just didn’t want something to happen in the first place.

He has a perfect time for everything, and its only looking back at our walk with him that we can see this. One day we’ll get to ask him why, but for now that’s where your trust and faith comes in. Cling to him, draw from His strength and trust that he’s got your back- always!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-10 ESV

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; …

I once wrote about the famous bible verse ‘I am the vine you are the branches’. I thought about how we should remain in him (in the waiting) and that He prunes off what is holding you back to enable room for new growth. Some of you ‘green fingers’ will know that particular plants can’t live in the winter months, so they bloom in spring and by winter they lay dormant again, waiting and preparing for their time to bloom when it’s safe and in an environment and climate where they can survive and produce good fruit.

Sometimes in the waiting comes the preparation and the growth as I’ve written about before. I believe you are being prepared for what God has prepared for you! Pretty awesome when you think of it like that.

Steven Furtick. Podcast on (un) qualified

‘There were Seasons before I started the church where I felt very unproductive. I have to trust that the seed and the watering, the ploughing and the fertilisation is every bit as important if not more than the harvest.

To not judge this season of your life by the harvest that your reaping but the seed that your sewing. If you’re not seeing it right now, it doesn’t mean that the time is wasted.’

Often we want to walk before we can run- but God sees when we’re not ready. Perhaps you didn’t get the job you wanted and someone else did. That wasn’t your blessing- He’s preparing you for something else, something for you. Perhaps you thought you could do that job but in actual fact; it would’ve taken you away from home more, caused you immense amounts of stress and responsibility, the job was only subject to contract and budget, you aren’t wise enough with money yet and would’ve blown your pay check on silly things?… I don’t know what God thinks or how He plans things, I just believe and I know that He’s always working things out for our good! And that’s when he’s glorified!

At the beginning of my previous blog I stated that we’d been in many a waiting room throughout this pregnancy. Carl would wrestle in his seat the longer we waited- I would remain quite calm on the surface (which is unusual for me) but inside I was bubbling over-  like the analogy we often hear of a duck being calm on the surface but paddling like crazy underneath.

Anyway, on one occasion, we had gone down to the delivery suite as I was experiencing a lot of pain combined with an incredibly hard stomach. Immediate thoughts of a ruptured placenta or premature labour were running through our minds. The midwife quickly strapped me up to the monitor and immediately our baby began to wriggle and squirm- we have since discovered she REALLY doesn’t like this machine! But as with most things, they had a protocol to follow and despite everything being ok, I had to remain on the monitor for 45 minutes and then a doctor would sign us off and send us on our way.

The thing is, my husband was supposed to be preaching at Alpha that night at 7.45pm. It was now fast approaching 7.15pm and still no sign of a doctor. Carl was constantly checking outside our room for staff, but there was no one to be seen. No one at church could stand in his place and he was understandably still a little nervous as this was only his 3rd preach- this seemed like pretty bad timing!

However, in our impatience which was quickly becoming worse, we came to the realisation that there was a reason we were waiting. We are in a delivery room, in a hospital and there are no staff- doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is probably a mother and baby on this ward who need emergency assistance! And sure enough, 30 minutes later, a midwife quickly popped her head in to apologise and explained that a mother and baby had been in distress during labour and there were complications which required all staff to help.

Timing. Our waiting meant that staff were freed up for someone who needed immediate assistance- life changing assistance in fact! We are only human and yes we moaned ‘why is this taking so long, we’ve been here over 2 hours now, we only need a paper signing!’ But look at what the ramifications could have been had this situation been rushed;…a doctor may have flippantly signed off our paperwork without giving us a thorough examination before our release, if complications had have been present but not identified both mine and baby’s lives would’ve been at risk, the doctors registration could’ve been revoked, the mother and baby who were in distress may have had further complications or worse due to having not had the expertise and intervention of a doctor being present, the hospital may have been under investigation adding stress to all staff…all because we were sick and tired of waiting.

You see, we can’t always see or understand why, but I firmly believe that God does. I am so thankful that even when times seem hard, unimaginably painful and difficult- that God knows what he’s doing!

Joyce Meyer

‘Winter is a dormant season. It’s a time when trees become bare and most of the grass, plants and flowers die off. But winter is also a time of preparation—as roots and tree saps respond to soil and temperature changes to prepare for growth that comes in the spring.

In much the same way, you and I go through spiritually dormant seasons. These are the seasons when God seems silent…when our dreams and visions for the future seem lifeless. But although we may not see or feel anything exciting, it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. A lot has to happen on the inside of us before we are ready to handle the future God has for us.

 Just as winter prepares plants and trees for warmer weather, a spiritually dormant season is a time of preparation – when our inner character is developed and strengthened. Strong character is essential for withstanding storms that will come during seasons of growth and harvest.

 God has something planned for you, and if you’re not living in the fulfillment of His plan for you, then now is the season of preparation. Rest assured, you’re not alone. We all go through times like this. The Bible tells us that even Jesus needed time to grow and increase in wisdom, stature and in years before He was ready to make a global impact through His three-year ministry (Luke 2:52).’


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