While attending a women’s conference, it may seem obvious that there would be a lot of talk and reference to the truth that we are daughters of the most high King. Well, my only excuse, is that I’m still claiming and clinging on to the fact I still have baby brain which seems to justify many of my clumsy actions and forgetfulness at the moment- because I was not expecting to be called Daughter.

That may seem odd and completely naïve. But here’s why this conference has brought such revelation and prompted me to write this blog. I actually, very rarely refer to myself as a daughter of God. I seldom recognise that I am a daughter of the most high King. And rightly so, at this women’s conference, thousands of women were reminded throughout, that they are called daughter by our heavenly father.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am adamant that she knows she is our daughter. That she is loved and cherished. We call her our daughter and we speak life, light and protection over her. I pray that she knows she has an earthly father who calls her daughter and loves her unconditionally and wants the best for her. We often pray over Ava and remind her that she is never alone, that she is loved unconditionally and without condemnation by her heavenly father God. That she is in fact called daughter by the most high King who has plans to prosper her life in which she will feel loved, cherished and secure in the arms of her father God.

It’s as I sit there and listen to speaker after speaker refer to the women at this conference as daughter, that I feel God knock on the door of my heart and whisper in my ear so lovingly- Cheryl, you need to know that you are my daughter aswell. You see, I know He’s my heavenly father, but for some reason I’ve never connected the two together- Father and daughter. Perhaps that’s why I have often been in places where I’ve felt undeserving of His love- feeling shameful and guilty as a result of my actions.

This really spoke into the depths of my heart and spirit. How can I tell Ava that she is not only our daughter, but first and foremost, the daughter of the most high King? How can I tell of His unconditional and eternal love for her as she grows into a woman, when I don’t even call myself one of His daughters? If she doesn’t see me identify myself as His child, His daughter and stand strong in this truth, leaning into Him and trusting Him- how can she identify herself as his daughter too?

He calls you son/daughter and He is your Father. I don’t know if you have or have had an earthly father or father figure in your life- I have been blessed with an incredible Dad. He is humble, kind, generous, loving and full of grace, mercy and forgiveness. I can run into the arms of my Dad and cry just as I can when I’m excited, like a little child. I watch Carl as he has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water; the way he loves on Ava and gives her his full attention, they way he laughs with her and is so patient (even when he is barely able to keep his eyes open- those night feeds are a killer!). I see his gentle touch and the way he stares into her eyes- cherishing every moment of being in her presence.

Our heavenly father is all of the above, and more! But we are only human and make mistakes. I don’t know what mistakes your father made, how you were treated, or perhaps you’ve never had a father figure in your life. Dear child- daughter/son, know that you have a father in heaven. I believe He never makes mistakes; never disappoints, never lets you down, never leaves. He loves you unconditionally; loves you without condemnation, wants the best for you, to see you rise and succeed, fulfil your dreams, live in the identity He gave you, use the skills and talents He blessed you with, to lavish his favour and blessings on you. He’s interested in your interests; He’s your biggest fan- cheering you on, he wants to know what you enjoy and what your dislikes are, to hear about your excitement and disappointments, to know when you’re feeling broken and when you feel ecstatic! That’s a relationship- one between a father and his son/daughter. He wants that with you!

I want Ava to know all this, and not just know it but to live by it. To live knowing and calling herself His daughter and speaking His truths over her life. I’ve learned that she needs to see her Mum calling herself daughter and believing all that entails, to see her Dad calling himself Son of the most high King. To live knowing and walking in His promises, seeing and calling ourselves daughter, son.

2 Corinthians 6:18

‘I’ll be a father to you, you’ll be sons and daughters to me.’

He wants a relationship with you. When Carl practically shipped me off to Cherish!- my heart leaped and I smiled when He said ‘me and Ava will have some Daddy and Daughter time.’ I love it when I hear him talk about the day he’s looking forward to father and daughter days, the time he takes her to her first football match. Sorry my love, but you wont have any choice but to take an interest in football if your Dad has anything to do with it. You’ll know the offside rule before you can even speak and I’m pretty sure the first song you sing will be a football chant rather than a nursery rhyme. I remember hearing Carl sing to Ava, as we do, and looking on in adoration and love at how my husband is already such an amazing Dad- only to realise just seconds in, that I recognised this tune and it sounded very similar to a football anthem- I said inquisitively but lovingly at the same time, not wanting to criticise him of course for singing football chants to our daughter!, ‘babe- what’s that song?,’ he replies,  ‘It’s from the football- all I could think of!’

Another statement that was constantly poured over us was this; you are a woman of virtue. I looked up the meaning of virtue: asset, quality, goodness, righteous, integrity. How many of us see ourselves in this way? How many probably read through that list and see yourself as exactly the opposite; a woman of weakness, unqualified and of no value, bad, ill-deserved and impure, dishonest and unreliable? Oh sweet sister, we are daughters-  women of God. God made us as a quality being of value and worth, He sees goodness in you, He looks at you seeing you as good. Genesis 1:31 god saw all that he had made, and said it was very good), you are qualified in Him, you are worthy because he is worthy, you are pure because He is pure, He speaks reliability and honesty over you- seeing who you can become, not who you were or have labelled yourself. You are approved- not disapproving, He already accepts you as you are because He is good, accepting and favourable. Woman of God, Daughters of God, are strong because He is strong; are good because He is good, are able because He is more than able, are dreamers because He is a dream giver, are loving because He is love, are a miracle because He is a miracle working God! I often feel we have a battle on our hands in this world as women. Our appearance; our body, our status, our confidence is under attack all the time. If there was ever a time where we need to know that we are daughters of the most high king, it is now! To know who we are in Christ! To know your own identity and to stand on your individual purpose, blessings and skills God has given YOU instead of comparing to the woman next to and behind you! I’ve written before about knowing who you are in Christ- Woman, sweet sisters– you are His daughter! Men, sweet brothers- you are His Son!

I want Ava to look to her mum and see me drawing my strength, confidence, identity, purpose from God. To stand strong in knowing who I am in Christ, not who I am in this world. To be in this world not of this world. John 17:16 They are not of this world, John 18:36 My kingdom is not of this world. To know my identity comes from Him and who He’s called me to be as His daughter- not what the world tells me I should be; following the latest celebrity and putting their life on a pedestal- comparing my life, my body, my appearance, my career, my personality to theirs which seems so perfect and together.

So I am challenged, and I challenge you, if perhaps like me, you don’t call yourself His daughter or Son already- to start seeing yourself not only as His child, but as His daughter/son. He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb- you were made on purpose! You have purpose! He knows you by name, he knows every hair on your head. He loves you and wants the best for you. He is for you and wants to see you succeed! He calls you by name, singles you out and says Daughter/Son- I love you!

I encourage you to start saying out loud, thank you that I am our son/daughter and you are my father.



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