Remember when…?


‘Are you telling us a story?!’ I often squeal to Ava. You know in that high pitched voice? The one that only comes out around children and babies?  C’mon, you know the one!

Each day she discovers and tries her hand at new sounds. Only a few weeks ago she could barely make more than a few, and even then she would only burst into song in the morning and then silence for the rest of the day. Don’t you find that always happens? Just as you want to show others what they can do- they sit quiet and you find yourself saying, ‘Ah, they were just doing it a minute ago!’

But not now. Now she’s cooing and babbling more than ever before- pretty much all day in-fact. I lovingly looked at Carl and Ava the other night as she made a succession of gurgles and coos, ‘remember when she couldn’t even make a sound babe? Remember when all she did was sleep and didn’t respond to much? Remember when it took all our effort just to get out of the house?’

And there will be many more ‘remember when‘ moments to come I’m sure. It’s just another reminder for us to cherish every moment as she’s growing and changing so quickly. It’s so easy to forget all the little things; tiny, but precious moments can almost get put into the box of ‘lost years’ and they merge into a distant memory. Even now, I struggle to remember some of the very first moments with Ava.

How true is this of Gods fulfilled promises? I wonder how many of you could stand and say…

Remember when you were unemployed and never thought you’d find a job?

Remember when you were told the news you’d never have children?

Remember when you didn’t think your spouse would become a Christian?

Remember when you thought you’d always be single?

Remember when you were given that terminal diagnosis?

Remember when you were told there’s no cure?…I could go on.

How many of you have ‘remember when’ moments that have already been fulfilled or you can see them coming to fruition?

I wonder how many of you have almost forgotten the fulfilment of those promises? Your now in a new season of trial, difficulty or the unknown and you feel there’s no hope, why would God help you?

I’ve been there and I encourage you to, remember when you asked for all those things and He answered your prayer. Even if it wasn’t the response you wanted, remember when it all came good? Perhaps you’ve seen God work in the lives of those you love- He can do the same for you!

Psalm 6:9 (NCV)

 The Lord has heard my cry for help; the Lord will answer my prayer.

Dear sweet brothers and sisters, let us not be complacent and forgetful of those precious memories of mercy and grace our father poured out on you and I- those ‘remember when’ moments.

Always, remember when. I encourage you to praise Him and be thankful in the midst of your trial- whatever season you’re in, remembering when He’s brought you through before. I believe He can again.

Psalm 103:2 (NLT)

 Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.


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