Make your home in ME

home in me

We’re in the process of viewing houses in the hope that we’ll find the right one to buy. We’ve seen many; a combination of different shapes and sizes, different parts of towns and different towns altogether, low and high prices, lived in and empty homes. Why do we do that to ourselves by the way- always looking at something way out of our price range tempting ourselves with something we couldn’t actually afford the repayments for?!

It’s become apparent as we continue to visit this ever growing list of houses, just how different each home is. Many are empty shells and haven’t been lived in for years. Some have been well lived in, some are dated and some ultra modern. Others are fully functioning homes, dark and dingy, some are too small and some are just not big enough.

In choosing a home, particularly now as we’ve started a family, finding the right one is important. We need to consider many things; weighing up how much it would be to make changes, re-decorate, local schools etc. I’ve never felt more critical and I’m ashamed to say- quite judgemental at times, as I have now we’re looking at houses. I’ve also never felt more confused about where to live.

In visiting a variety of homes, we drove home from our last viewing today and the words ‘make your home in me’ rang so loudly in my head. I believe God has an encouraging word for someone today and He’s asking me to share it with you.

You may feel, like these houses; an empty shell, dark and dingy, too small to be used, discriminated against because of where you come from either locationally, your past or generationally. You may feel you’re just not enough, you need a complete makeover of personality and way of living. Perhaps you feel worthless?

I feel Gods saying- make your home in Me; In His house, In Him. The dark, the broken, empty, full, old, young, the ones who feel worthless and those who feel judged, those whose backgrounds are dark-  you’re are all welcome. He offers the warmest welcome- you just have to knock and He’ll open the door. He will bring you into His home which is full of light, life, forgiveness, mercy, transformation of the heart and spirit. In His home He promises fellowship with others to walk the journey with, promising to make not only a home for you in Him, but that he too will make a home in you by the holy spirit- a helper living inside you each day.

So no matter how you see yourself- He offers freely for you to make your home in Him. There’s no bidding war, no placing an offer and waiting to see if you get accepted. There’s no agreement in principal, no surveyor that will point out every negativity reducing your value and self-worth. There’s no stress of removal- thank goodness! You can move from the moment you knock on the door and ask Him in. The cost is not that of monetary value but of turning away from the old and stepping into the new with the return being so much better than you can imagine! I believe that the cost in actual fact has already been paid by Jesus- He stands in the gap between you and God, the gap of everything we do wrong- building a bridge for a relationship with Him.

He loves you, He’s set you apart- not because of your past, your mistakes, image, skills or abilities- but because you are His. You are chosen, made by design and you are loved!

Will you make your home in Him?

I know for me, in all this searching for a home, I’m reminded that a house is merely bricks and mortar. A home is what we fill it with; love, laughter, protection, light and life. But most of all, the home that is most important and is what’s ringing so true for me in the midst of this season of uncertainty, is that I make my home in Him first. To remain in Him- a home that doesn’t waver with market value or trending décor. A home that is steadfast and welcomes me in 24/7. He creates a home I can come to for forgiveness, love, mercy, grace, guidance and a relationship with Him.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a house like that?!

John 15:4,16

“Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you. 16 “You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you”


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