Metaphorically speaking, is it possible that we can be pregnant but not connected to what’s growing inside of us?

Could it be, that we’ve been gifted with something; the fulfilment of a dream, the breakthrough of something you’ve been praying for, perhaps even just a small idea, hope or dream that’s burning within you…yet were not connected to it? Therefore, we don’t have access to it?

In reality, in pregnancy, it is entirely possible to be pregnant and not feel a connection to the baby growing inside of you. Just as it is entirely possible, and in fact a current reality, to feel a lack of connection to the gift you birth and hold in your arms.

Something that begins as tiny almost beyond measure, and grows at just the right pace and is birthed into reality- can be the very thing we don’t connect to.

Let me explain it another way.

Could it be, that you’ve got a dream within you, desperately wanting it to grow and you’re praying for fruition and fulfilment of that dream? It’s your constant prayer and the very thing you dream about while sat in the office mindlessly glaring out of the window at endless possibilities.

Yet perhaps what you need, perhaps what God is asking of you, is to connect to it. To not just speak of it, not just keep it as No1 on your dream list, but connect. Really connect.

Attach yourself to it, bond with it, associate yourself with it, join with it, rather than isolating the dream and you as if you are two separate entities. Bond with it- get to know the dream you really want. What is it that you are really hoping for? What are the intricacies, short and long term goals? Whom could you bless by fulfilling this dream? Associate yourself with it- talk about the dream as if it will happen. Talk with a sense of genuine hope and trust that if this is right path for you then God will bring it to fruition.

Just as in pregnancy, there are practical ways of connecting to your baby, such as; having daily commune with them, touching your belly, learning the rhythms and patterns of their movements and taking delight in the ripples and bumps of your tummy. When your baby arrives, in order to connect, you must bond with them. Attach yourself to your child, associate yourself proudly with them, join yourself to them- just as you have been together in the womb. All of which without, that baby will just be a gift that is birthed. A gift that is underappreciated, unloved and uncared for- often resulting in what we so sadly see in society today; insecurity, cravings for love and seeking attention in all the wrong avenues, low self esteem and confidence. All of which consequently prevent any which could have been possible from the dream you birthed. I wonder how many dreams never came to fruition because of a connection that was missed in the very beginning.

Am I making sense?

Just as it is possible to be in the company of a good friend and not really be in the room, disconnected to the conversation or what’s going on, I fear, it is also possible for us to be disconnected to the gift, the blessing, the answer to prayer that God has already growing within us.

Like with a baby though- that gift takes time to grow and develop, and so I believe it will take time for that connection to be made. For some it is instant. For others it takes time and hard work.  But the more you work at connecting to that gift growing within you and believing in the possibility of its fruition; a gift of financial breakthrough, a dream, love, relationships, healing- the more you associate yourself with it, speaking and walking in the living hope that is given to you by God, I believe, then and only then can we begin to truly connect.

When we connect to God, just think how powerful that connection is. When we bond, join and associate ourselves with Him- look at what happens! Take a look back at those occasions where you’ve really connected with Him; spent time in His word, genuinely walked in the living hope He offers, testified to His goodness of things coming to fruition.

Connection is a powerful thing.

Take an internet connection for example. Think of all that it entails and enables.

Electrical connections.

Love connection.

Friendship connection.

A train or flight connection- the destinations it could take you to, or not.

All of which started out something so small as a seed, but someone connected. They connected to their dream to invent the WWW, the light bulb, the telephone, to the person they felt a connection to, to the gifting of a strength and talent within them which would later give them the skills to start that business and have financial breakthrough. Each person began being pregnant with a seed, a dream- something, but they needed to connect to it before it could grow. You can’s always see how something so small could be the gift and the ultimate dream you’re praying for- that’s where your trust comes in – to connect to the gift and trust that God will use that for good.

Perhaps the very answer to your prayer is to unlock, and connect to that gifting within you that you’ve suppressed? If you’re praying for a business of your own- what is that gift within you that you’ve never unlocked and released? What skills has God given you?

I wonder, if we continue to miss the importance of connection, will we miss everything God has gifted us with? We perhaps just don’t realise that gift growing within us yet because were not connected.

That dream you dreamed once, has been pushed so far back in your mind that you’ve missed the connection. Your destination.

Is it time to get connected before you miss your destination? Is it time to realise that you are already impregnated with that gift, that dream, that hope you’re praying for? You just need to connect to it?

I believe an integral part of having the ability to connect with that which is growing inside of you- that gift, that dream, is reminding yourself that it all starts first, with connecting to God.

The bible talks so much about being ‘together’; being connected to Christ, remaining in Him, each of us playing an integral part. I know we so often talk about connecting with other people in fellowship, but what if we also need to connect to our gifting, to our dreams- to God?

John 15:4

‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.’


Colossions 2:19

‘and they are not connected to Christ, the head of the body. For he holds the whole body together with its joints and ligaments, and it grows as God nourishes it.’


1 Corinthians 12:27

‘All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.’


Without the most important connection- that between you and God, we may miss opportunities for fruition, to release that gift within us.

But with that connection, that between you and God, imagine the destination!





One thought on “Connect

  1. Ros Harrison says:

    Great blog Cheryl, just felt led to look up your blogs this morning and it totally linked in with something I’d just been reading, then your blog even used the same verse I’d been reading!
    You’ve been busy writing since I last had a look, I need to get reading! Bless you lovely ‘growing’ lady, looking forward to seeing you all soon Ros x


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