First steps

IMG_2798First you rocked, then crawled.

At 7 months, just one week in and barely content with mere crawling, you stood up and shimmied your tiny body across furniture.

Then you’d walk by gripping the two hands of anyone who would risk the back ache that came with holding your tiny fingers and allowing you to lead the way. You gradually steadied your footing, learning the unforced rhythms of putting one foot infront of the other. Soon to become a normal part of every day life.

Soon after, you walked holding just one hand. We’d walk side by side and you’d occasionally glance up for a reassuring smile.

And then we watched you take that first step on your own, fall down and revert back to crawling.
But sure enough one step turned into two.

Then just after you turned one, there was no stopping you.

We’d always miss it.

You often did it when no one was looking, a moment without distractions. We’d suddenly witness you walk from one end of the room to the other and not want to utter even a word of praise as the slightest distraction caused you to fall down and crawl the rest of the way.

Your dad and I just used to stand there hidden behind a wall, totally amazed and beaming from ear to ear, silently doing the crazy parent dance, wanting so desperately to cheer you on because you were in fact walking! You just didn’t realise it yet!

Almost 13 months and these past weeks you’ve really grown in confidence. Numerous times, daily even, you’ll walk unaided. You can even stand up now without support if you fall down.

You won’t necessarily walk to reach our hands or even aim for something we ask you to get. I stress, you like to do it on your own, setting your own goals in that little head of yours.

Oh where these steps will take you! What you’ll be able to see and explore at this new level now you’re on your feet.

What you used to see at ground level is so much more different as you grow taller.

You’ll see more, hear more, aim and reach for more.

Those first few steps (albeit still a little wobbly!) have been a year in the making.

First you gained your upper body and neck strength with the endless hours of tummy time.

Rolling and then finally sitting up unaided.

Rocking on all fours and eventually crawling.

It’s all been a process of preperation to give you strength and stability to stand tall and steady on your two little feet.

Now, not only can you see your destination, you can reach it, simply by putting one foot in front of the other.

You can choose to walk or run, jump or fly.

You can choose to take your time or quicken your step, to rest or keep going.

You can choose to aim forward or go in a different direction.

Where will your feet take you? How will God use your steps? Will you allow him to establish your steps?

You’ll walk along side so many people and watch how they walk and establish their own steps. Learning from them and gleaning from their experience, ultimately choosing what you want to reciprocate and what you want to change for the better.

And pretty soon, you’ll be watched, by your little sister.

She’ll watch how you walk, the steps you take and where you choose to go.
She’ll look up to you, quite literally and aspire to walk in your steps.

What an influence you’ll have and how impacting your steps will be.

Where will you allow God to take you? Will you run into all he has in store and asks of you despite fear that so often grounds our footing and prevents us from stepping into all God has for us?

The steps you take are not mere routine, but ones of impact and a platform for powerful change.

You can choose to stay or go. You can choose to turn around and walk away from what you know will cause you and others harm. Better still, you can choose to step into what is right, just and good. Leading by example, being a light, a beacon for others to follow.

You can choose to get up and carry on, or give up and give in.

Darling girl, your steps mean more than you realise. Like words, they have the power to change, to take you places you’ve never dreamed or imagined, to impact lives and enter into new destinations.

You need to renew your strength daily though. Keep well supported in your footing and what you wear! (Spiritually and materialistically!)

Build strong healthy bones and rest when needed. At the same time, continue to challenge and stretch yourself- you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve!

Be spiritually fed so you can allow God to establish your steps and hear Him correctly, responding in obedience.

Physically nourish your body well so you’re prepared and equipped for the steps He’s established for you.

This way you’ll have strength and energy to stand steadfast with stability to walk the path He’s laid out before you.

Oh where your feet will take you sweet girl.

One thing for sure is this.

If you fall, your Heavenly Father will pick you up. Whether you look back for reassurance or look ahead to your destination, you’ll never be alone when you’re walking in His will.

Just like your Dad and I will give of the same, your Heavenly Father will be there even when we can’t and promises to establish your steps. To keep you and hold you safe. To be your strength in times of trouble, to lift you up when you feel weak.

So keep on walking beautiful girl.
Our prayer is simply this. May you step out in boldness and courage, always with a humble heart and desire to walk in His ways and be obedient to His will.

It’s exciting to see what your future holds- go grab it with both hands and know you have someone far greater than anything the world can offer, holding you up, showering you with grace, mercy and love all along the way!


“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:3‬ ‭NIV‬‬







2 thoughts on “First steps

  1. Pamela says:

    What a lovely write-up! What beautiful, beautiful little girl! Really enjoyed reading this. Well done! Your writing is powerful xx Love Pamela


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