IMG_5580_FotorMy name is Cheryl Fairhurst. I am a wife to my husband Carl, Mummy to Ava Joy and absolutely love Jesus! I love the outdoors, adventure and following the path God has for our growing family.

I’ve felt a deep desire to use my experiences in my Christian walk and write about them, in the hope that they might comfort and encourage others, but most of all- Glorify God and all he has done for me. I believe God has blessed me with the gift of writing (still a working progress!) and I can’t wait to share with you all that He places on my heart.

I believe our trials, pain, experiences, highs and lows are never wasted- and I’ve had a fair few of these!- but will help us grow in our walk with God and become steadfast in our Christian faith.

My prayer is that you feel a sense of comfort and encouragement through my writing, whatever your circumstances, and that you will know Jesus is with you right in the midst of your situation. I have experienced the living hope God gives and it is my prayer that you too will feel an overwhelming sense of hope and peace over your life and circumstances. Amen.


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